Jo Edmare Dreamland
Winnie The Pooh
            MEET JAZY MA. She's the dog at the top. She has been a mother for three years now. She is a mixed poodle. Jazy Ma is very friendly but tough when it comes to protecting her puppies. She is one of our eight dogs in our house. In our house, our dogs are divided into two groups, the front and the back group. Jazy Ma belongs to the front group along with Macku, Hugo, Petra, and JR.
            A dog is an ideal pet. People always say that dogs are a man's best friend. I strongly agree with that statement. Every year of my life, I always have encounters with my dogs. They are fun to play with. I used to play with them by throwing the ball and they would chase it but still they haven't learned to return the ball. I usually talk to my dogs as if they would reply just like an ordinary human being. They are my friends. I have read that having dogs as pets can ease stress and I think it's true. I love rubbing their fur because it can make feel relaxed.
            Take a look at the pictures below.
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