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simple recipe for macaroni salad

                  Macaroni Salad is a dessert for all occasions.
      Impress your family and guests with this delicious dessert.
                                     Try this at home!

                                    1 pack Elbow Macaroni
                                    2 Packs All-purpose Cream
                                    1 can Fruit cocktail
                                    1 can Pineapple chunks
                                    1/4 cup Raisins
                                    1 can Condensed Milk
                                    1 Bottle White Kaong/ Nata de Coco

                                    1. Boil Elbow Macaroni until cooked.
                                    2. Drain and let it cool.
                                    3. Mix all the other ingredients into a bowl.
                                    4. Add Elbow Macaroni.
                                    5. Mix well.
                                    6. Chill then serve.

animated scan bar tutorial in photoshop

        This tutorial is about adding a scan bar animation on a picture so that your picture will look cool. This is usually used in signature banners. Try this at your Photoshop!

1. Open your desired image in photoshop.
2. Use the rectangle tool to create a rectangular bar and place it at the top of your image. The size and color of the bar is up to you.
3. Change the opacity of the rectangular bar which can be found in the layers box.
4. Click File then Edit in ImageReady.
5. In ImageReady, in the animation bar at the bottom, find and click the Duplicates the current frame icon. Now there are two frames.
6. In the second frame, place the rectangular bar at the bottom.
7. Still on the second frame, click the Tween icon then select the Previous Frame ( Tween With: Previous Frame), and for the Frames to Add is up to you but it is best to add 20 or more frames.
8. On the last frame, click the Tween icon again then select the First Frame ( Tween With: First Frame).
Want to see my result?
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You can watch the video.

sleep like a sleeping beauty

            Do you have trouble in sleeping? Then this tutorial is best for you. Here are tips in conquering your problem in sleeping. This is based on what I have read in a Totalgirl magazine.

♥ When you are tossing and turning on your bed, go and find another room in your house to relax yourself until you get sleepy.

♥ Napping 3-5 hours before bedtime must be avoided.

♥ Watching scary, violent or horror movies might keep you up or make you imagine ghosts or creatures.

♥ If you like to eat a bedtime snack, then eat crackers, eggs or pasta at least 2 hours before bedtime. Drink warm milk rather than softdrinks or coffee, these have caffeine that makes you awake.

♥ Start a regular bedtime routine, like brushing your teeth or reading a book before sleeping. This is a signal to your body that you are getting ready to sleep.


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